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About Us

The Passaic Affordable Housing Coalition (PAHC) was incorporated for the purposes of creating better living options for residents of the City of Passaic and the State of New Jersey
through the building and rehabilitation of affordable housing for low and moderate-income families. The Corporation has since diversified its operations and branched out into other areas
of the affordable housing profession including property management and housing inspections. Some major accomplishments include the development of a rent to purchase program in partnership with the Passaic Housing Authority (PHA).

The PAHC has also partnered with Lakeland Bank for the construction of three condo units at 79 Van Winkle Avenue. In addition, the PAHC owns and manages a two family home also on Van Winkle Avenue. Lastly, it has branched out into property management overseeing two multi-family garden apartment complexes. Additional revenue is derived from its inspection department, which currently performs over 400 annual Section 8 Housing Quality Standard inspections for various clients as well as Uniform Physical Condition Standard inspections. The PAHC is a member of the New Jersey Housing Community Development Network and its offices are currently located at 5-8th Avenue, Passaic, NJ.

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